We’ve donated 165 copies of my book to men incarcerated in Pelican Bay State Prison!

Made possible thanks to the generosity of Peter Hazlehurst, as well as the amazing support of John Jackson, Dennis Meek, the incredible Linda Field, Catherine Hoke, and my publisher, Jesse Krieger of Lifestyle Entrepreneurs Press

Thanks most of all to those who received donated books: Our beloved Mavericks* of Pelican Bay State Prison

(*Incarcerated men enrolled in Hustle 2.0: a program reducing criminal behavior/recidivism by combining voices of reputable gang leaders advocating for prosocial transformation, with voices of leading correctional authorities)

While we don’t condone the past acts of people who—like me—hurt others through our mistakes

The Mavericks inspire via their dedication, hard work, and perseverance to turn their lives around…

Through learning skills for employment, entrepreneurism, and personal development

We prove: Second chances benefit the givers (society) as much as the receivers (people like me, and the Mavs)

Special thanks as always to women and men in law enforcement who help(-ed) me and so many others transform our lives and communities

And thanks to you, my reader…for your inspiration to make a dream come true (publishing my book) and more importantly, to utilize my dream in service to others

Also pictured: Shelley Winner, Roy Baladi, Christie Robinson, Ethan Stone, Gary Stuart, and Jeffrey C. Flamm

Thanks to Tom Kubik for the photographs

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