To attain knowledge, add things every day. To attain wisdom, remove things every day ― Lao Tzu

I’m proud of many things I’ve accomplished in life since getting clean off meth

Achieving a dream of publishing a book, certainly, and my renewed dedication to getting it into the hands of as many readers as possible 

(more on that later)

Serving our sisters and brothers who are/were incarcerated and turning their lives around…serving the women and men in law enforcement working to unify our communities

I’m proud of much more: attaining peak physical health (close to peak, anyway!) through nutrition and fitness, constantly improving my relationships, overcoming fear of public speaking and mental health challenges

But what I’m most proud of, is: all the times I got back up, after falling down

The many times I failed to let failure stop me…the perseverance I put forth

I’m most proud of having encountered many, many obstacles along the path others show me up the mountain…yet continued trudging Heavenwards regardless

And all of it in service to a form of Spiritual Meaning I never stopped searching for

From my writing spot on my parents’ front porch, the sun rises (I begin writing before dawn)

Over a mushroom-shaped stone birdbath

From my perch, a turkey feather rests in a piece of artwork, a watering can woven from twisted metal

Of course, the can can’t hold water, the feather fails to fly

Yet their beauty remains

From the branches of a towering birch tree, gold-colored birds dive-bomb, stone-like plummets

Impossibly fast…yet they pull up at the last possible second, to splash in their bath

God and the angels seem to speak to me on the porch

(they same way they speak to others, I’m no one special)

They speak to me of Second Chances

I’ve been giving myself Second Chances…one way, is by taking weekends Off the Grid

(no email, no Facebook, no WhatsApp, no internet, etc…at least, none of it as much as possible!)

This past weekend, I re-read a book…giving it a Second Chance

I discovered…I very much love the book

It’s called My Addiction & Recovery…and the author is me!

Now—of course—I love my book the way I imagine a mother loves her child

I don’t feel mine is the best book ever written…not anywhere close to it

Yet until my weekend re-read…I never really, truly loved my book!

Today I’m most proud of My Addiction & Recovery…thus I want everyone to have a chance to read it

Our current focus is on those who need it most

We’re donating as many copies as possible to incarcerated persons

(We’ve already donated/are in the process of donating 300 copies)

Had I had my book to read when I was incarcerated, it would’ve helped me

Because readers get…

1) Inspiration to examine and re-examine root causes of their addiction…as we know, when we address root causes, we move past alleviating symptoms, to curing conditions

2) Appreciation of one clear, effective pathway to getting clean: The 12 Steps, free and generally available inside correctional facilities

3) A chance to revisit dreams they’ve had since childhood…plus the understanding that getting clean isn’t the objective: getting clean is one (necessary) step to achieving our dreams

4) A model for life transformation: Our purpose in leaving behind addiction, is not simply to live drug-free, but rather to transform our lives

5) A guide for what to look for in supporters (supporters are out there, and we’ll need them as we transform)

6) Inspiration to form bonds of trust with people in law enforcement: If we are to truly transform our criminal histories, we must serve our communities—make our streets safer and our children’s futures brighter—we must find ways to partner with law enforcement, to make our shared dreams reality

My assertion is, in America, few people end up incarcerated unless drug addiction plays a role, somewhere along the line…

…either the incarcerated person struggle(-s/-d), their parent(-s) did, their community was ravaged, etc.

The bolder steps we take towards ending addiction in America, the better our chances of ending the Incarceration Crisis

Giving my book a Second Chance gave myself the Second Chance to give others their Second Chances!

What have you accomplished in your life, that you can revisit?

During these troubling times…which of your past successes can you draw strength from, in service to others?

How in your history, have you done something remarkable…and how will you learn/re-learn to love what you’ve done?

Take some time today to revisit what you’ve achieved in life, and give yourself a Second Chance to love what you’ve achieved…

And figure out how to use it to help someone who needs their own Second Chance

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