Feeling ready for your second chance?

As you’re finding your second act in the midst of current uncertainty, let the following be an inspiration to you

We’re doing a re-launch campaign for my book, My Addiction & Recovery: Just Because You’re Done with Drugs, Doesn’t Mean Drugs Are Done with You

Yes, readers: just because you’re done with my book, doesn’t mean my book is done with you:)

The re-launch date is tentatively set for Tuesday, October 20th, 2020

Thirteen years ago, on the morning of October 20th

I paused my broom from sweeping the filthy sidewalks in front of my flophouse hotel

Below, across, and around the corner from North Beach strip clubs

Wearing a grimy black baseball jacket stolen from my uncle, converse sneakers held together with duct tape

Having smoked the last of my methamphetamine at midnight the night before

I’d sweep the sidewalks, hoping the corner cafe owner would give me a free cup of coffee (it happened exactly once)

On that October morning, I gave myself a second chance…others gave me Second Chances

I quit meth, and pursued a path leading me to achieve my dream of publishing a book

The theme of the re-launch—like the theme of the book—is Second Chances

The re-launch itself is a second chance!

Remembering that Second Chances benefit the giver, as much as the receiver (if not more so)

Second Chances have the power to unify even the most polarized groups

Such as cops and communities affected by incarceration

The re-launch benefits me, the author, as much as the reader…in that spirit, I’m excited to share the following with you

We’re implementing a one-for-one giveaway

For every book purchased, one will be donated to an incarcerated person transforming her/his life

Furthermore, I’ll be carrying the Second Chance message, by building on my 50+ media appearances to enroll others in spreading the benefits of Second Chances

As such, I’ll be asking you to consider increasing your amazing support

As I’m considering moving this newsletter—and the bulk of my Second-Chance content—to a paid platform, themed around unifying cops and communities affected by incarceration

Meaning: You’ll be asked to consider paying for this newsletter, as you would for a magazine subscription

Likely, it will be a pay-what-you-can model…similar to Crowdsourcing

You contributions will help me impact more lives, assist more human beings transition from incarceration to contributing to society, and build trust between law enforcement and communities affected by incarceration

Thus making our streets safer, and our children’s futures brighter

You’ll receive content such as the following story about my friend and colleague in Defy Ventures, a man named Curtis Norris

Curtis grew up in the segregated south

(Side note: can you believe that as recently as 1967, it was illegal in America for a black person and a white person to marry?)

(Side side note: I recently learned to use the term “black” rather than “African-American” after watching “Uncomfortable Conversations with a Black Man”)

Curtis witnessed his father being attacked by police dogs during an MLK rally…was once stripped nearly naked by cops and left on a street corner, his clothes taken as evidence

High on drugs, Curtis caused the death of a close friend, and served over a decade in prison

Today: Curtis is a successful businessman, having graduated Defy Ventures’ transformational program of entrepreneurism

While you may not see Curtis purchasing a table at the Police Officer’s Ball

(“I’m afraid the cops would shoot me seven times with a gun that holds six bullets,” he told me once)

Curtis gives cops a Second Chance, as he speaks highly of a California Highway Patrol who saved his job

“Instead of giving me tickets,” Curtis said (those tickets would’ve cost him his truck driving license), “the officer gave me an education. He showed me how to keep my log books, how to get my company to train me. He could’ve thrown the book at me! It chanced my mind about highway patrolmen.”

Curtis’ story—and many other powerful lessons around Second Chances—will be found on my new paid site

Details to follow!

I’m beyond grateful to persons in law enforcement, and persons who are/were incarcerated, for the Second Chances I’ve been given

Please join me in granting Second Chances to others, as we re-launch my book

Second Chances benefit givers, as much as receivers (if not more)

Everyone needs a Second Chance, from time to time!

You just may find that by giving others the Second Chance they need, you’ll be giving yourself one, too

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