I had been ready to resent the whole white race, but as I got to see more of white people, my resentment was softened, and a spirit of cooperation took its place —Reverend Martin Luther King, Jr. 

Society bestowed upon me many unfair advantages, due to the color of my skin (white) and my socioeconomic status (privileged)

College degree, career with the “#1 Best Company in America to Work For” (Fortune magazine), ownership of a home of 3 glorious stories in San Francisco

As a privileged white male, my life was like that of a lottery winner

Yet do you know how many lottery winners go bankrupt?

(Seventy percent, according to some sources)

As a person addicted to meth, I allowed myself to go bankrupt…morally, ethically, financially

I was stripped naked and locked in a padded cell (after giving the cops little choice in the matter), spent years in psychosis babbling at disembodied voices, went months without showering or brushing my teeth

I called a man the n-word right to his face (after all, he’d tried to steal a whole dollar from me), poured money into the strip clubs and sex trade, cheated welfare using food stamps to buy steaks to trade for meth

My bankruptcy taught me…

The unfair advantages society bestows? Don’t mean much, until I use them to contribute to a fair society

So I got clean, and volunteered…

In maximum-security prisons and jails, coaching our sisters and brothers behind bars in employment and personal development

For law enforcement, assisting our women and men behind badges better serve people affected by incarceration and addiction

My story proves: privileged white males like me, are capable of transforming from being part of the problem, to being part of the solution

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