Whom do you resent…more importantly, why?

Resentments—the way we manage them—can be key to recovery*

(*we’re all recovering from something, or know someone who is)

At the roots of my resentments of others, was the subconscious prod…

They seem to be getting away with something I can’t!

Take a close look at someone you resent…observe if they’re doing what you want to do…

—Speaking their mind (even if you don’t agree with their words)

—Expressing themselves (even if their form of self-expression doesn’t gibe with your tastes)

—Taking a risk (even if their particular risk seems foolhardy)

Look at the what of the resented-person does, even if you don’t agree with the how

Do the same what in your lifegive yourself permission, draw inspiration from your heroes, fail and try yet again

Resentment of others may well be a gift…a means to further unlock your Best Self

Thanks to our sisters and brothers in the 12-step programs, for teaching me the relationships between resentments and addiction

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