Ed Kressy’s audiences get valuable insights into some of today’s toughest topics—addiction, mental health, incarceration, conspiracy beliefs, and positive perceptions of police—delivered with Ed’s unique blend of compassion, humor, and powerful lived experience.
Ed went from being arrested by the FBI, to being recognized with a community service award…by the FBI Director. After 20 years of addiction to alcohol, cocaine, marijuana, and meth, he’d thrown away his home, life savings, professional career…even his beloved dog. He did stints in jails, rehabs, and homeless shelters. Yet thanks to the “3 S’s”—Spirituality, Self-Improvement, and Service to Others—he turned his life around to achieve his childhood dream.
Kressy’s work appears in The Washington Post and he has spoken for audiences at MIT, Cisco, Google, LinkedIn, and elsewhere. He has been interviewed by a number of magazines and podcasts. His memoir, My Addiction & Recovery, is available wherever books are sold.

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