Ed Kressy is almost certainly the only person ever who was once arrested by the FBI, then recognized with a community service award…by the FBI director!

Audiences are inspired by his personal, powerful story of overcoming devastating drug addiction, conspiracy beliefs, and mental health challenges. They grasp the immense value of second chances, when they learn how second chances allowed Ed to rise from incarceration, destitution, and psychosis.

Readers and listeners get hope to overcome their own obstacles, when they journey with Ed along his spiritual path of volunteering inside jails and maximum-security prisons, helping law enforcement better serve communities affected by addiction, and achieving his childhood dream of becoming an author.

Ed’s work appears in The Washington Post and elsewhere. He has spoken for MIT, Cisco, Google, LinkedIn, and numerous faith-based and community groups. His memoir, My Addiction & Recovery, is available wherever books are sold.


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