Feeling ready for your second chance? As you’re finding your second act in the midst of current uncertainty, let the following be an inspiration to you We’re doing a re-launch campaign for my book, My Addiction & Recovery: Just Because You’re Done with Drugs, Doesn’t Mean Drugs Are Done with You Yes, readers: just because […]

Fair & Second Chances

Thanks to Defy Ventures, I recently had an opportunity for several sessions with a mental health professional…she diagnosed me with Anxiety Disorder(!) Not surprising, as the better part of twenty years of my life involved shouldering the burden of being the target of a vast law enforcement conspiracy* against me *Of course, the “conspiracy” might’ve […]

Ashburnham (MA) Police Department

Many thanks to the APD for hosting my talk, “From Addict to Awardee: How Persons in Law Enforcement Helped Me Transform From Criminal Activity to Community Service” Shown with Chief Loring Barrett (center) and Lt. Chris Conrad: I could write about the talk: but local journalist Doneen Durling does a better job. Read her article […]


We’ve donated 165 copies of my book to men incarcerated in Pelican Bay State Prison! Made possible thanks to the generosity of Peter Hazlehurst, as well as the amazing support of John Jackson, Dennis Meek, the incredible Linda Field, Catherine Hoke, and my publisher, Jesse Krieger of Lifestyle Entrepreneurs Press Thanks most of all to […]


“The more you understand about our thinking, the more you find it difficult to talk about it.” —Shunryū Suzuki, author “Zen Mind, Beginner’s Mind” Mornings after my beloved coffee, I meditate in the field behind my childhood home, sitting in a squashed patch of grass, where the sunlight finds a way over the treetops The […]


Hello amazing readers! In the weeks to come, we’ll be playing with the format of Meditations on Meth, to make it of the greatest possible value to you. Suggestions are welcome! Simply email me at Shameless Reposting from My Facebook Page Here’s a little lesson from nature for you When I was a kid, […]


Five men had the greatest influence on my spiritual/transformative life, in my first years clean off meth  (more on that in a minute) But first: Do you ever feel you’ve been cursed with a certain personality trait? Impulsiveness, impatience, impertinence…any number of “im-s”? My resentful nature cursed me If you treated me poorly, I resented […]


Thank you, readers of Meditations on Meth! And thank you GUS (God/Universe/Spirit…the name I learned from Michael Disend, my first meditation teacher Michael, along with Pat Maguire, saved my life…by convincing me that my own suicide would affect me negatively in the afterlife…from there, I went on to understand my remaining alive could benefit others, too) […]

Two Important Ways to Help Someone Struggling with Addiction (Part II)

In a previous blog, we described an addicted person as being a tornado A vortex of poor choices, selfish acts, and thoughtless words—borne from deep pain (“hurt people hurt people”)—blazing a path of destruction (this described me, at least…to put it mildly…when I was struggling with addiction) We, as Supporters, must not get sucked in…and, […]