Two Important Ways to Help a Person Struggling with Addiction

Years ago, a website called Vox published an article I wrote on my meth addiction Response was positive! Readers contacted me out of the blue, telling me they felt helped Many fell into the category of “Supporters” looking to help a loved one/friend/colleague Whenever possible, I’d talk on the phone to these Supporters Maybe I […]

Splintered Doors

“People are not disturbed by things, but rather the view they take on them.”—Vice Admiral James Stockdale, held captive nearly 8 years as a POW in Vietnam Recently, the worst thing happened to me (It shines light upon the scope of the many blessings life affords me, to speak of the following as the “worst […]

Boolean Operators

Thanks to reader Kris M, for suggesting a blog about the demons in my life today How I hear disembodied voices, entertain ideas of government conspiracies swirling around me…experience what many would term crushing depression, anxiety In the past, I’ve hesitated to write about the above, for fear of coming across as self-pitying For fear […]


Today—as I write this—is an anniversary On this day, in 2003 As methamphetamine psychosis settled in like thorny thickets around my mind After I’d begun ambushing those I knew, with talk of my home being bugged, people stalking me, threats from the disembodied voices  A family member and some friends brought me to the Emergency […]


“Right now, in the midst of this pandemic, you are in the most opportune place…regardless of your circumstances or situation…to take control of what you can control; which is who you are at the level of feeling. Right now you have the potential to come out of this stronger than you’ve even been before.” —Panache […]


The mind is a wonderful servant, and a terrible master —Robin Sharma As I write this*, it’s early Eastern Easter Sunday, in my childhood home in Massachusetts (*I’ve been using our current circumstances to write a blog or two ahead) Sun and son (me) have just risen I’m grateful to have lungs to take in […]


The real voyage of discovery consists, not in seeking new landscapes, but in having new eyes —Marcel Proust Outside a front door of my childhood home—where, by dumb luck, I find myself staying, seemingly for the duration—the driveway asphalt gives way to grass Firmly, tenaciously, an April snowbank holds fast Against the cold melting rain […]

Inspiration to Gratitude

NOTE: In these troubling times, I thought the following special edition of Meditations on Meth might help you ALSO: If you were kind enough to purchase a paperback version of my book, and haven’t learned of the BIG MISTAKE that may affect you, please click here to learn how I’m attempting to make it right […]


“There’s nothing good or bad, but thinking makes it so” –Shakespeare If you were kind enough to purchase a paperback version of my book THANK YOU so much (If you have no interest whatsoever in my book, I completely understand: please disregard this message) I am SO SORRY that there’s been a huge mistake… You […]

Three Key “P-s” to Achieving Your Dream

You know something? It’s an odd time in our civilizations’s history—almost all spun sideways—to speak of achieving one’s dream Yet for me it happened! Yesterday, my book was published Shameless sales pitch: If you haven’t got your copy? please do so on my Amazon page Once you’ve read it, please consider posting an honest review […]