Dawn’s Early Light

“Oh say, can you see? By the dawn’s early light…” From where I write about how fortunate I am to have not only received Second Chances, but with them the opportunity to extend Second Chances to others In the pre-dawn light of my Ashburnham, Massachusetts front porch, the sun Rises & Reveals… Through the trees, […]


Five men had the greatest influence on my spiritual/transformative life, in my first years clean off meth  (more on that in a minute) But first: Do you ever feel you’ve been cursed with a certain personality trait? Impulsiveness, impatience, impertinence…any number of “im-s”? My resentful nature cursed me If you treated me poorly, I resented […]


Thank you, readers of Meditations on Meth! And thank you GUS (God/Universe/Spirit…the name I learned from Michael Disend, my first meditation teacher Michael, along with Pat Maguire, saved my life…by convincing me that my own suicide would affect me negatively in the afterlife…from there, I went on to understand my remaining alive could benefit others, too) […]


Today—as I write this—is an anniversary On this day, in 2003 As methamphetamine psychosis settled in like thorny thickets around my mind After I’d begun ambushing those I knew, with talk of my home being bugged, people stalking me, threats from the disembodied voices  A family member and some friends brought me to the Emergency […]


The real voyage of discovery consists, not in seeking new landscapes, but in having new eyes —Marcel Proust Outside a front door of my childhood home—where, by dumb luck, I find myself staying, seemingly for the duration—the driveway asphalt gives way to grass Firmly, tenaciously, an April snowbank holds fast Against the cold melting rain […]

Three Key “P-s” to Achieving Your Dream

You know something? It’s an odd time in our civilizations’s history—almost all spun sideways—to speak of achieving one’s dream Yet for me it happened! Yesterday, my book was published Shameless sales pitch: If you haven’t got your copy? please do so on my Amazon page Once you’ve read it, please consider posting an honest review […]


Religion, perhaps more than any other single force, can sculpt the experience of illness.—Jerome Groopman M.D., God at the Bedside, New England Journal of Medicine, 2004 America has problems right now, and you can read/watch the terrible news—of course, our prayers are with every single human being affected It’s so easy and tempting to get […]


I’ve recently taken to meditating in the snowy field behind my Massachusetts childhood home, folding myself into lotus position atop a bench… Wearing only shorts! The temperatures in the thirties, as part of my Wim Hof cold therapy I’ve iced my way through forms of cold for couple months now, and finding it—when combined with […]


Greetings from Massachusetts! Where I’m using this (hopefully) once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to, in the words of my good friend Brian Skull, take advantage of this situation, before it takes advantage of me (Brian, in addition to being a solid Krav Maga practitioner, is a tattoo artist…he inked the three skulls on my shoulder, which remind me […]


“I do not fear death. I fear not to live fully”—Wim Hof What’s it like to face down your fear…and overcome it? (especially important in today’s world) On a sunny Saturday about a week ago, I rode shotgun, my good friend Mike behind the wheel…Mike and I got our drivers licenses around the same time, […]