Fair & Second Chances

Thanks to Defy Ventures, I recently had an opportunity for several sessions with a mental health professional…she diagnosed me with Anxiety Disorder(!) Not surprising, as the better part of twenty years of my life involved shouldering the burden of being the target of a vast law enforcement conspiracy* against me *Of course, the “conspiracy” might’ve […]


We’ve donated 165 copies of my book to men incarcerated in Pelican Bay State Prison! Made possible thanks to the generosity of Peter Hazlehurst, as well as the amazing support of John Jackson, Dennis Meek, the incredible Linda Field, Catherine Hoke, and my publisher, Jesse Krieger of Lifestyle Entrepreneurs Press Thanks most of all to […]


Greetings from Massachusetts! Where I’m using this (hopefully) once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to, in the words of my good friend Brian Skull, take advantage of this situation, before it takes advantage of me (Brian, in addition to being a solid Krav Maga practitioner, is a tattoo artist…he inked the three skulls on my shoulder, which remind me […]


Tom Kubik Photography

What if you gazed through an impenetrable steel grille, into a cell in the solitary confinement unit at Pelican Bay State Prison… And saw yourself? Pelican Bay is where I spent an amazing three days with the incredible “Mavericks” (program participants) and volunteers of Hustle 2.0 Coaching Mavericks in entrepreneurism, employment, and self-advocacy Through the […]