Fair & Second Chances

Thanks to Defy Ventures, I recently had an opportunity for several sessions with a mental health professional…she diagnosed me with Anxiety Disorder(!) Not surprising, as the better part of twenty years of my life involved shouldering the burden of being the target of a vast law enforcement conspiracy* against me *Of course, the “conspiracy” might’ve […]


Hello amazing readers! In the weeks to come, we’ll be playing with the format of Meditations on Meth, to make it of the greatest possible value to you. Suggestions are welcome! Simply email me at ed.kressy@icloud.com Shameless Reposting from My Facebook Page Here’s a little lesson from nature for you When I was a kid, […]

Splintered Doors

“People are not disturbed by things, but rather the view they take on them.”—Vice Admiral James Stockdale, held captive nearly 8 years as a POW in Vietnam Recently, the worst thing happened to me (It shines light upon the scope of the many blessings life affords me, to speak of the following as the “worst […]

Boolean Operators

Thanks to reader Kris M, for suggesting a blog about the demons in my life today How I hear disembodied voices, entertain ideas of government conspiracies swirling around me…experience what many would term crushing depression, anxiety In the past, I’ve hesitated to write about the above, for fear of coming across as self-pitying For fear […]


Religion, perhaps more than any other single force, can sculpt the experience of illness.—Jerome Groopman M.D., God at the Bedside, New England Journal of Medicine, 2004 America has problems right now, and you can read/watch the terrible news—of course, our prayers are with every single human being affected It’s so easy and tempting to get […]


Christmas Eve I walked from my Mission District home (warm, comfortable, quiet) A few blocks east, to Zuckerberg San Francisco General Hospital Cold enough outside to wear gloves, rare for San Francisco As I hustled along holiday-decorated 24th Street A storefront window’s gaily painted scene depicted a snowman, hands made from branches, hoisting a cup […]


Two days after Christmas, a FedEx driver appeared at my front door Carrying a double-wrapped package for me It was from the FBI! They’d been kind Enough to send photographs from when I met Director Christopher Wray, earlier in the year (You can read all about it in my article in The Washington Post) After […]