Ed’s Second Chances

To attain knowledge, add things every day. To attain wisdom, remove things every day ― Lao Tzu I’m proud of many things I’ve accomplished in life since getting clean off meth Achieving a dream of publishing a book, certainly, and my renewed dedication to getting it into the hands of as many readers as possible  […]


A strange sight at San Francisco International Airport (SFO) last Thursday, 5 a.m. at the height of the virus scare My hand empty of a cup of my beloved coffee! The terminal devoid of the usual throng of soon-to-be airborne passengers Caffeine—my lasting addiction—beneath my skin, it seems, an extra internal organ, shaped like a […]


Fifty guitars (at least) hang on racks at the Guitar Center…where I sat on a stool and plucked a few strings on a robin’s-egg blue Fender Stratocaster, watching young people pass by Rockers with ripped-sleeves jean jackets and flannels tied around waists…black-wearing techno-types…speed-metal sorts, sports jerseys and long hair in loose pony tails I was […]


Valentine’s-President’s Days-Weekend found me at a grand hotel on the San Francisco Embarcadero, volunteering for the San Francisco Writers Conference I can remember the days before the Second Big Quake, in 1989, when a massive concrete freeway ran along the Embarcadero The artery was badly damaged in the Quake, torn down, and it’s hard not […]


Tom Kubik Photography

What if you gazed through an impenetrable steel grille, into a cell in the solitary confinement unit at Pelican Bay State Prison… And saw yourself? Pelican Bay is where I spent an amazing three days with the incredible “Mavericks” (program participants) and volunteers of Hustle 2.0 Coaching Mavericks in entrepreneurism, employment, and self-advocacy Through the […]

Portland Flowers/Kobe

Recently, the Pacific Northwest winter rains in Portland (OR) drizzled down upon a certain someone (me) Having grown up not too far from the New England Atlantic shore—as I did—one’s become accustomed to distinguishing the west-coast Portland from the one in (ME) As a kid in Massachusetts, in the 1980s, the Celtics-Lakers rivalry seemed near […]


Christmas Eve I walked from my Mission District home (warm, comfortable, quiet) A few blocks east, to Zuckerberg San Francisco General Hospital Cold enough outside to wear gloves, rare for San Francisco As I hustled along holiday-decorated 24th Street A storefront window’s gaily painted scene depicted a snowman, hands made from branches, hoisting a cup […]


Two days after Christmas, a FedEx driver appeared at my front door Carrying a double-wrapped package for me It was from the FBI! They’d been kind Enough to send photographs from when I met Director Christopher Wray, earlier in the year (You can read all about it in my article in The Washington Post) After […]


(NOTE: The following appeared in my weekly newsletter, Meditations on Meth, in September 2019. To receive Meditations on Meth in your inbox, simply click here, hit the “Download PDF Now” button, and enter your email when prompted) The other night I attended a book launch party at the Millennium Tower Nearly sixty stories of gleaming-glass-modern […]


In December 2000, a plane touched down in San Francisco Aboard, a man (me) returning from his trip to Bangkok Where I’d spent some time training with professional kickboxers As my plane descended, I was on the cusp of accomplishing great things Not great in comparison to a person who, today, is a hero of mine […]