Three Key “P-s” to Achieving Your Dream

You know something? It’s an odd time in our civilizations’s history—almost all spun sideways—to speak of achieving one’s dream Yet for me it happened! Yesterday, my book was published Shameless sales pitch: If you haven’t got your copy? please do so on my Amazon page Once you’ve read it, please consider posting an honest review […]


Religion, perhaps more than any other single force, can sculpt the experience of illness.—Jerome Groopman M.D., God at the Bedside, New England Journal of Medicine, 2004 America has problems right now, and you can read/watch the terrible news—of course, our prayers are with every single human being affected It’s so easy and tempting to get […]


I’ve recently taken to meditating in the snowy field behind my Massachusetts childhood home, folding myself into lotus position atop a bench… Wearing only shorts! The temperatures in the thirties, as part of my Wim Hof cold therapy I’ve iced my way through forms of cold for couple months now, and finding it—when combined with […]


Greetings from Massachusetts! Where I’m using this (hopefully) once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to, in the words of my good friend Brian Skull, take advantage of this situation, before it takes advantage of me (Brian, in addition to being a solid Krav Maga practitioner, is a tattoo artist…he inked the three skulls on my shoulder, which remind me […]


“I do not fear death. I fear not to live fully”—Wim Hof What’s it like to face down your fear…and overcome it? (especially important in today’s world) On a sunny Saturday about a week ago, I rode shotgun, my good friend Mike behind the wheel…Mike and I got our drivers licenses around the same time, […]


A strange sight at San Francisco International Airport (SFO) last Thursday, 5 a.m. at the height of the virus scare My hand empty of a cup of my beloved coffee! The terminal devoid of the usual throng of soon-to-be airborne passengers Caffeine—my lasting addiction—beneath my skin, it seems, an extra internal organ, shaped like a […]


Fifty guitars (at least) hang on racks at the Guitar Center…where I sat on a stool and plucked a few strings on a robin’s-egg blue Fender Stratocaster, watching young people pass by Rockers with ripped-sleeves jean jackets and flannels tied around waists…black-wearing techno-types…speed-metal sorts, sports jerseys and long hair in loose pony tails I was […]


Valentine’s-President’s Days-Weekend found me at a grand hotel on the San Francisco Embarcadero, volunteering for the San Francisco Writers Conference I can remember the days before the Second Big Quake, in 1989, when a massive concrete freeway ran along the Embarcadero The artery was badly damaged in the Quake, torn down, and it’s hard not […]


Some of my earliest childhood memories include being six years old in Massachusetts, during the 1976 summer celebration of our nation’s bicentennial Wikipedia says, the official copy of the Declaration of Independence was printed on July 4, 1776, and sent to the United States Army Some of my first adult-ish memories are of coming, at […]


After I quit meth in 2007, I was inspired by, among much else, a book called No Angel: My Harrowing Undercover Journey to the Inner Circle of the Hells Angels Jay Dobyns authored it: writing about his career as an undercover agent with the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives (ATF) Dobyns played football […]