The mind is a wonderful servant, and a terrible master —Robin Sharma As I write this*, it’s early Eastern Easter Sunday, in my childhood home in Massachusetts (*I’ve been using our current circumstances to write a blog or two ahead) Sun and son (me) have just risen I’m grateful to have lungs to take in […]


The real voyage of discovery consists, not in seeking new landscapes, but in having new eyes —Marcel Proust Outside a front door of my childhood home—where, by dumb luck, I find myself staying, seemingly for the duration—the driveway asphalt gives way to grass Firmly, tenaciously, an April snowbank holds fast Against the cold melting rain […]

Inspiration to Gratitude

NOTE: In these troubling times, I thought the following special edition of Meditations on Meth might help you ALSO: If you were kind enough to purchase a paperback version of my book, and haven’t learned of the BIG MISTAKE that may affect you, please click here to learn how I’m attempting to make it right […]

Three Key “P-s” to Achieving Your Dream

You know something? It’s an odd time in our civilizations’s history—almost all spun sideways—to speak of achieving one’s dream Yet for me it happened! Yesterday, my book was published Shameless sales pitch: If you haven’t got your copy? please do so on my Amazon page Once you’ve read it, please consider posting an honest review […]


Religion, perhaps more than any other single force, can sculpt the experience of illness.—Jerome Groopman M.D., God at the Bedside, New England Journal of Medicine, 2004 America has problems right now, and you can read/watch the terrible news—of course, our prayers are with every single human being affected It’s so easy and tempting to get […]


Valentine’s-President’s Days-Weekend found me at a grand hotel on the San Francisco Embarcadero, volunteering for the San Francisco Writers Conference I can remember the days before the Second Big Quake, in 1989, when a massive concrete freeway ran along the Embarcadero The artery was badly damaged in the Quake, torn down, and it’s hard not […]


Tom Kubik Photography

What if you gazed through an impenetrable steel grille, into a cell in the solitary confinement unit at Pelican Bay State Prison… And saw yourself? Pelican Bay is where I spent an amazing three days with the incredible “Mavericks” (program participants) and volunteers of Hustle 2.0 Coaching Mavericks in entrepreneurism, employment, and self-advocacy Through the […]


Some of my earliest childhood memories include being six years old in Massachusetts, during the 1976 summer celebration of our nation’s bicentennial Wikipedia says, the official copy of the Declaration of Independence was printed on July 4, 1776, and sent to the United States Army Some of my first adult-ish memories are of coming, at […]

Portland Flowers/Kobe

Recently, the Pacific Northwest winter rains in Portland (OR) drizzled down upon a certain someone (me) Having grown up not too far from the New England Atlantic shore—as I did—one’s become accustomed to distinguishing the west-coast Portland from the one in (ME) As a kid in Massachusetts, in the 1980s, the Celtics-Lakers rivalry seemed near […]